So Jeff and I are going to Florida in March.  My in-laws live half the year in Venice, and we’re flying into Sarasota.

So we’ve been trying to work out a time to visit, and Jeff’s spring break is coming up so we’ve finally got the chance.

So Jeff says:

“Hey Kate let’s go to Florida from March 10-14”.

And do you know what I hear?

“Hey Kate let’s go to yarn shops and outlet malls from March 10-14.”


I also hear:

“Hey Kate we’re gonna be dodging old people right left and sideways.  You’re about to behold more cataract sunglasses and Jazzys than you’ve ever seen before in your entire life.”*

I also ALSO hear:

Hey Kate stock up on the SPF70.”

Which causes me to make this face. (tell me you didn’t already know what it was gonna be, before you clicked that link.  TELL ME.)


So anyway…teh yarnz.  I’ve got a couple places on my itinerary already:

The Knitting Place


A Good Yarn

because it’s not a vacation without yarn, you know.

Anyone familiar with the area?  Are there other shops (yarn or otherwise) I mustn’t miss out on?  Which outlet mall is the least Jazzy-infested?

*Please note:  my in-laws are not the cataract sunglasses or Jazzy type.  YET.  ::suspicious glare::


4 responses to “Duh

  1. Linda, Bob and Molly

    The Jazzys and cataract sunglasses are on order …

    Florida In-laws

  2. Oh my goooosh, I feel so dweeby. I saw your kitchen post in my Google Reader and took pictures of my kitchen and posted them. I came here to tell you, and your post is gone! Wah!

  3. I feel so young! I had to Google Jazzy to see what you meant. Not in my near future. I think.

  4. Eek! You’re only going to be about an hour and a half away from me! Want to meet up at Ellenton outlet mall? I have to go to a wedding that Saturday, but other than that I’d be free those days.

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