Seek and Find

Because I love airing my dirty laundry (so to speak), this was my kitchen on Thursday night:

Part of it, anyway.  I’m not showing you the messier part (Hey I’m “airing my dirty laundry”, not “waving Jeff’s dirty underwear in your face”.  I think you see the difference.)

What do you see?  This is what I see:

And I’ll have you know, I’ve since cleaned up the spot on the oven and mopped the whole kitchen floor.  SO THERE.

And yes, the cookies were delicious, and appreciated by my co-workers (Birthday Boy also obligingly wore our office “Sombrero of Celebration/Sombrero of Shame” all morning – a new office record.  (Yes, it’s one sombrero with two applications.))

Now, I dare you – SHOW ME YOUR KITCHEN.  As it is right this instant.  No prior clean-up allowed!


2 responses to “Seek and Find

  1. Yes, ma’am. Look for a post son.

  2. NO ONE needs to see my kitchen in any instant, whatsoever. Though, there are times after a couple of clean-up free days where the sight of it can only be called amusing because otherwise, I would have to weep. Think toddler + dinner.

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