Dusting sugar crevasse

This past Saturday, I wanted to go to the mall.  I wanted to buy a tailored waistcoat, and Jeff needs a suit, and it was free pretzel day.  That was our plan, and it was a good plan.

But like many good plans, it didn’t end up happening.  “Free pretzel” turned into “Oooh let’s eat at Fitz’s!” and “mall” turned into the Powder Valley nature center.  Practically the same thing, yes?

They have a few short (we took the longest one – and it was only 1 1/2 miles), easy trails (hilly, but all paved), and a big nature center:

Jeff’s favorite thing in the entire world is inside this nature center!

(Umm…that’s a map. Y’know.  ‘Cause he likes maps.  A lot.  Probably more than he likes me.)

Guess what else they have inside the nature center?

Telescopes! (I told Jeff that if you have to crouch over double to play with one of the exhibits, you’re *probably* not in the intended age group.)

Guess what else they have?

Unfortunately named signs!  (Hi, I’m Kate and I’m a 12-year-old boy.  You knew this.)

Guess what they have in this unfortunately-named area?

Fiberglass fish heads! (I think this needs to go on Facebook.  Don’t you agree?)

Guess what they have right by the entrance?

Attack deer! (Sort of like Sue the Attack Dinosaur from a couple weeks ago.  And again, Jeff didn’t suspect a thing.)

I like guessing games.

OK now I know this is gonna sound really crazy, but I LOVE the Missouri woods in winter.  I mean, they’re fine in spring and summer (and autumn is my favorite!), but there’s just something about winter…

I think it’s because we always went to Watkins Mill or Lake of the Ozarks State Park in the wintertime as a kid, so seeing the leaf-covered ground and dormant trees reminds me of those times.  And then I have half a mind to hop on my pink bicycle with no training wheels thank-you-very-much and pedal ’till I hear my dad’s whistle telling me to stop and wait for everyone else to catch up.  And while I’m waiting I’ll eat some Shark Bites and try to feed one to a squirrel 🙂
So even though you could hear – and see – (UGH) I-44 through the trees, it kinda took me back, just a bit.

(though this adventure really just made me sad about lock-step suburbanized ‘fun’, too.  Much of St. Louis does that to me.)

Like any good park, Powder Valley has a stream:

See that stick? There in the water?  THAT WAS MINE.  I found it on the ground and I was carrying it and spanking Jeff with it and hitting it on trees and generally just having a Grand Ol’ Time and then Jeff TOOK IT and he THREW IT right into the water. Poophead.

Goodbye forever, Stick.  It was nice knowing you.  Go, become one with the water.

You know what else is nice?


With the winter mostly over, I think we need to check out some other great local parks.  Hopefully next time it’ll be one that allows wotten goggies.  (PV is completely dog-free, which I think is stupid.  Why have a park that doesn’t allow leashed dogs?  Even wotten ones?)

PS > Keep posting your KITCHEN-RIGHT-THIS-INSTANT photos! I’m loving them 🙂


4 responses to “Dusting sugar crevasse

  1. That is not the first stick that has been removed from your possession.

  2. This is not a pity comment…

    In fact I was thinking “well, now I can’t comment, cos she’ll think I’m pity-commenting…”

    But, those woods are beautiful, and I wanted to say as such.

    So I commented! 😀

  3. I think Terry and Jeff were sepparated at birth – T also loves maps (a little too much, if the truth be told – he’ll barely even go to the supermarket without one) and would have been all over the microscopes. I, meanwhile, would also have sniggered at “Let’s Get Wet!”

    Looks like a great place – I know what you mean about woods in winter, too, there’s just something abour them…

  4. Just yesterday, watching the snow coming down, I thought about Watkins Mill in the snow, with coffee brewing on the little one burner stove and a thermos of hot chocolate to warm little hands.
    Remember that Watkins Mill does allow puppers, rotten and otherwise.

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