One of THOSE knitters

Last night I bought Laura Chau’s Milkweed Shawl (Rav link), to test knit this deliciousness for Rachel:

I opened the PDF and began scrolling through its pages with increasing alarm – there were written out instructions, but no charts?!  Once the document had fully loaded, though, sure enough – there were my charts, right after the written instructions.

I sat back, cast on, and happily breezed through the first three charts.  And then I realized – I’ve become one of THOSE knitters.  One who works more easily from charts than from written directions.  One who appreciates the visual logic and simplicity of a tidy grid, versus a cryptic string of letters and numbers.

Then I realized it’s not just the charts.

I extol the virtues of Malabrigo to random strangers.

I have a swift and ball-winder set up in my craft room (I have a craft room) and it never comes down.  Except when I take it on vacation with me, in case I need it (which, more often than not, I do).

I knit on a sock while waiting in line at the bank.

I reverse-engineer not only stitch patterns, but entire garments.  In my head.  For fun.

I see a problem in the real world and think not, “How can I fix this?” but “How can I fix this with knitting?“.


And I’ll completely understand if no one ever wants to be seen in public with me ever again.   I promise.


8 responses to “One of THOSE knitters

  1. Knitter nutty head. 😉

  2. ha. I love it. I wish I could take my hobby/life with me everywhere. But taking a sewing machine with oneself does pose a problem or eight.

  3. I actually LOLed at this in a public place. It was awkward. Do you think you can help me solve my problems with knitting? 🙂

  4. Ha! Welcome to the club.

    I look at angry people stomping around being mean to cashiers and think, “You know, I’ll bet if you just had better socks…”

  5. haha! I knit a scarf once and I brought it everywhere with me… people used to tease me about it, and I haven’t knit anything since… not because of the teasing but I started a blanket and never finished it. I should have went toa smaller project after that.

  6. Be proud! There are plenty of THOSE KNITTERS out there — you’ll be in good company!

  7. I don’t even know how to read a chart!

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