Friday Favorites – 2/26/10

This may be one of my most favorite Cake Wrecks ever.

Just wouldn’t be the same with yer typical suburban split-level, eh?

And here I thought I was being so demanding that time I asked for an extra pillow.

My next baking adventure!

Pretty new design by Maryse.  I hope winter lasts long enough for me to knit + wear this this season 🙂

I may not ever make curtains ’till we own a house to hang ’em in, but that doesn’t make this awesome tutorial any less worthwhile!

I think it is.

Jeff and I watched this last night, and it didn’t even occur to us that people might take it seriously.  Apparently I was – again – giving the general public too much credit.

Put this one (first B+A) in the “Hooplings room” mental file.

Chuck Norris can find the ninjas without any stupid caption.

Meanwhile, this is what Jeff has in *his* “Hooplings” mental file.

Speaking of great parenting skills

I’ve been searching for a good granola bar recipe for ages.  Will report back with my results from the experiment!

I always knew Spock was a funny dude.


One response to “Friday Favorites – 2/26/10

  1. if you want to send me your email, i can send you information regarding the next gypsy emporium here in kc on march 20. booth fee is only $20. thought your mom might be interested.

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