My self-medication socks are DONE 🙂

Aren’t they pretty? They remind me of a Thomas the Train birthday cake.  And a sunny day at the lake (any lake.  You pick, I’m there.)   And my favorite plaid shirt when I was a kid.  I miss that shirt.

Can you tell which sock I knitted on the train to Chicago (remember: stressed.  Rushing.  Sock therapy.), and which I knitted over the course of two weeks’ commuting?

Yup, the one on my right foot was the Chicago sock.  I was stressed, so my gauge was tighter, so the resultant spirals were wider.  Looser tension and narrower spirals on the left-foot sock.

(Isn’t knitting FASCINATING?!)

These make me happy 🙂

Pattern: basic 64-stitch sock on US1 DPN’s, 30 rounds of ribbing at cuff and 6-stitch reverse stockinette edging on the heel flap.  Nothin’ to it.

Yarn: Yarn Lust Back to Basics 100% wool sock  (beautiful! And I think it’ll be very long-wearing :-))



2 responses to “Fin!

  1. Ohh these are sooo fun! Like I always say, whenever I see your posts, it makes me really want to learn how to sew!

  2. Love those socks! Thank you for your kind words about my jewelry! I’m honored that Sandy ( chose me for her first giveaway on her blog. =)

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