Friday Favorites – 3/5/10

NOM – I can’t wait to make these spinach and feta grilled chicken breasts!

An intriguing idea.

New favorite blog – Barefoot Foodie.  This post especially makes me laugh ’till I die.

Why didn’t I think of this? And also, why don’t I ever entertain?  I’d have to serve fancy bundt ice cube punch in a Tupperware cake keeper.  KLASS.

Kitteh! Babeh!  Kitteh! Babeh!  Kitteh! Babeh!

Terrifying/hilarious Palin moment o’ the week.

I’m not *seriously* advocating a “parenting license” requirement.  But I’m also not NOT advocating it.

Duck Tales!

I’m going to make chewy energy bars – they look like the perfect homemade substitute for the NutriGrain bars I always have on hand, yes?

Should I add the Twitter one to my sidebar?

I can totally see where Julie’s coming from, here.  And I think I may have to create a similar post at some point in the future.  Except it would scare you all, probably.  Definitely.

Can’t tell you how many times I had a variation on this conversation back when I worked a phone survey company.

Maybe I should’ve added an extra repeat to my Citron?  I do have another skein of the Mal lace…

Only good thing to come out of St. Louis.  Well, gooey butter cake and Jeff.  And lots of great yarn shops.

Good advice.

2 responses to “Friday Favorites – 3/5/10

  1. 1) Both that chicken and those chewy bars aare going on my “to bake” list

    2) That Barefoot Foodie post had me in proper fits of the giggles!

    3) Duck Tales – wooooo! But also, often the A-Team theme tune!

    4) I want the bears!!

    5) I continue to believe you’re a really good robot… 😀

  2. Its late, but I’m thinking of making some oatmeal cookies tonight…can you stop by after you’re done reading your million and one blogs??

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