My stupid brain

I’ve been having some severe insomnia issues for the past couple weeks, so when I *have* been getting sleep, my dreams have been pretty weird.

Case in point:

Last night I was having a really good dream.  Involving this guy:


Just when it got to the good part of the dream, Othello woke me up with the sound of his kittenclaws scratching up my new chair.  So I halfway woke up, called him into the bedroom so he’d leave the damned chair alone, and tried to go back to sleep.

A few minutes later, back in my dozing/half asleep state, there I was – back with Sayid.  Only dream-Kate thought, “Hmm…I’m probably going to be woken up again.  Might as well do something productive since I can’t really enjoy this.”  Then dream-Kate proceeded to clean the dream-bathroom.

Let me repeat myself:  DREAM-KATE LEFT A HOT NAKED (of course he was naked) IRAQI NINJA, SO SHE COULD GO CLEAN THE BATHROOM.

Dream-Kate is a fucking idiot.

PS>Jeff and I are catching up – we’re only on season 5 – so no spoilers, please!


9 responses to “My stupid brain

  1. even naked i’m not sure i could get past that hair. it’s like a brillo pad but less useful.

  2. kate we’re totally finishing up season 5 too…and to top it off, i had a dream about sawyer 2 nights ago lol

  3. LOL! OCD Kate is funny 😀

  4. man he is hot except he gets kind of annoying after awhile…….

    tomorrow night you should have i dream about sawyer, like i did last week!

  5. and by “i” i mean “a” of course

  6. No way! Desmond is totally where it’s at.

  7. I’m so glad you’re into Sayid! I told Jarod that I think Sayid is sexy, and he just gave me a blank stare.

  8. Jeff is a whole lot cuter. This dude looks like he needs a little bra. And I bet he has an attitude that he’s overly hot. You are probably the first woman to leave him for a dirty bathroom. Wonder who Jeff dreams about?

  9. Lost only keeps getting better… just you wait! And the man candy, my god! Naveen Andrews is ah-mazing.

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