The best-laid plans…To

Today I was going to write up a bunch of blog posts and schedule them to appear every day that I’m gone, but  – as happens – life got in the way.  So it’ll be pretty quiet ’round these parts for a few days, while I’m down in Florida slathering myself in SPF5000000, thrifting and yarnshopping with Diana and getting puppy kisses from Molly the daschund.

Now I’ve gotta load up my iPod with a “desert island” playlist (think: Dresden Dolls, Josh Ritter, Doors, Regina Spektor, Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin, Barenaked Ladies) and go to bed – 3:00 is gonna come early tomorrow!

Miss ya!


4 responses to “The best-laid plans…To

  1. What! You’re going to Florida! When are you going to come to Austin!

    Have a swell time!

  2. Please write home. Don’t talk to strangers.

  3. Happy vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take lots of pics!! love ya.

  4. Have a great time!!!! Ohhhh can I go with you? 🙂

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