Dear Blogosphere:

Please, please kindly refrain from publishing any posts for the next few days, as my Google Reader says  have 1000+ unread blog posts and I JUST CAN’T HANDLE IT.

1000+.  As in, “so fucking many that I can’t even count it, and I’m a computer.  Give up now, mortal.”

1000+.  As in, “wow your blogfriends are way too talkative. Were you gone for 5 days or 5 months?”

1000+.  As in, “you’re barely treading water there, as you scroll quickly past the generic LOLposts and only pause momentarily on those written by dear friends.”

I have things to do, dear Blogosphere.  Like spinning.  And working.  And knitting.  And cooking dinner.  And drinking tea.  Or Guinness.  So cut me a break, mm’kay?

If not for me, then do it for Macbeth.  He’s lonely and misses his mommy:

He’s crying tiny kitten tears now.  Listen closely and you can hear them fall onto his wrinkled widdle nosie.

Tell ya what, Blogosphere.  I know you drive a hard bargain, so how about this:  You cease all posts for the next 48 hours, and I promise to never show this picture, ever again:

And by “never never show this picture, ever again” I mean “today, unless I feel like it.”

I’m begging you.


7 responses to “Request

  1. Gotta start a blog so that I can update it at least three times a day. Give you something to read.

  2. Awww, cute kitty! It would indeed be sad to see him cry kitty tears.

  3. you should share your blogs that u read b.c I am running out of posts to read! 😀

    And you’re spinning now? Is there nothing you can’t do?

  4. perhaps you sub to too many people.

    that picture always reminds me of the woman in les miserable who approaches fontine and says “what pretty locks you’ve got there.”

  5. Ba ha ha ha!!! If you tell me how to get everything set up through a Google reader I will think about not posting for a few days ;)!! But for real.. please help. Love ya!

  6. Awww, fluffeh kitteh!

  7. Man you should black out a tooth when you’re wearing that last outfit …and go buy some apples….pointing at them first with your looonnnggg finger. and then cackle whilst walking away.

    I’m in, I’ll save up for a biggie in a couple of days.

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