It’s not a trip to the beach without seashells, right?

My father-in-law found that big kahuna for us; I think I’ll use it to hold all our shells nice and pretty-like on the bookcase 🙂

And also, these are kinda stinky.  Would it hurt the shells any if I were to boil them?  Maybe throw my Diva Cup (need to sterilize it…) and a few eggs to hardboil into the pot, too.  Multitasking!*

This one’s my favorite:

I like how it’s soft and swirly and curvy and pure white.

These are my favorites, too:

I like the colors of the left and middle one.  And I like the right one because it has SPIKES.  It’s like a warrior shell.  Ninjashell.  BADASS.

But this is my most favorite of all:


Either that, or that’s a comically-oversized lenscap.  I’ll let you guess which.

Look what else I found at the beach!

Well, not “at the beach”, per se.  More like “at a delightful yarn shop sorta near the beach”.  Which is close enough for me 🙂

That’s Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, in a colorway called:

Any guesses where I bought it? 😀

Yup, that’s a special colorway available only at A Good Yarn.  Cute story about the shop – Jeff and I pulled up just as they were closing; Susan (the absolutely delightful and funny and super nice) owner was literally walking out and locking the door after her.  But just as I was about to hang my head and cry and trudge home, she ushered me inside and turned the lights back on and fairly FORCED me to browse.  Oh, the torture! 😀

It was a great shop, though.  My mother-in-law is a lapsed knitter who’s thinking about getting back into the craft; I told her how lucky she is to have such a fantastic shop down there (not that I’m lacking in great shops here in St. Louis or anything…:-)), and I can’t wait to visit again next time we’re down there!  (And Picasso’s Moon.  And the other 40bazillion other Sarasota and Venice shops I wasn’t able to hit this time).

Yarn really is the perfect souvenir for every vacation, isn’t it?

*Just kidding.  For pete’s sake why did you even feel the need to ask?


4 responses to “Grabby

  1. what absolutely beautiful yarn. i’m starting my very first pair of socks (yoga ones though so no troublesome toes or heels) and yikes! the needles are tiny.

  2. **Because with you, one never knows.

  3. oooooooooooohhhhhhhh
    beach shells from the beach
    thanks for the memory of something I’d forgotten.

  4. Thanks! It was great to meet you too and I hope you are enjoying A Good Beach!

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