It’s a well-established fact that there are few better things in life than receiving a package in the mail.  (I suppose  exceptions would include anthrax, rotten fish, or killer bees, but for all practical purposes, the statement holds true.)

It’s also a well-established fact that the only thing better than receiving “a package” in the mail is receiving “packageS”.  (Exceptions would include if one of the packages contains anthrax, rotten fish, or killer bees.  Or if you were expecting three packages and only got two.  Unless you knew the third contained one or more of the aforementioned undesirable items.  Like rotten fish breaded in anthrax.)

So it should surprise no one that when the doorbell woke me up this morning and I trudged to answer it with my standard “probably the neighbor looking to borrow a plunger” grumpy face, I was delighted to see that it was *not* Richard come to tell me (though not in so many words) about a particularly heroic bowel movement, but merely the mail carrier holding something that is in no way bowel-related.

To make a long story short (“too late” – my mother-in-law’s joke), I got this:

Which is a gorgeous braid of roving from Rachel, in the “I suck at deciding so I’ll just send you some money and you surprise me ok?” colorway.  I have great trust in Rachel by this point.  That, and I truly don’t believe she’s ever dyed anything that wasn’t amazing – so I figured there was an exceedingly low risk of receiving something baby poop yellow.  And even then it would be a *deliberate* baby poop yellow and the colorway might be called “autumn gold” and would actually be super pretty and not at all poopy.  My point is, I don’t think Rachel is *capable* of bad dyeing.  Just like I’m not capable of brief descriptions.

I am going to spin it, and then it will be yarn.  And then I will knit it and I will die of happiness.  (I do that quite a lot – have you noticed?)  I LOVE the semisolid burgundy color and can’t wait to see what it’s like to spin with a semisolid.  Will I get that barber pole effect at all?  Only with the slightly different shades of burgundy?  Only time will tell…

If you’re still with me by this point (and kudos and a lollipop to you if you are), then you might be wondering what the other package contained.  So was I.

It was from my mom.  And inside a Wal-Mart prescription bag (how Po-Mo; “weird for the sake of weird” in the words of  Moe Szylak), inside a Priority Mail flat rate box, was this::

First up:  real Accidental Artists business cards!

(that’s Mom’s “lolspeak” and apparently her “lolhandwriting”.  and the moM is because of some joke a few months ago regarding spelling one’s name backwards.  It still makes me giggle.)

OK seriously, how unbearably cool is that?  I’m going to carry them around in my bag and distribute whenever I receive a compliment on her jewelry (which is literally just about every day).

Inside the second innocuous-looking bag…

Another little note!  (so cute.  My mom is awesome.)

I opened up the first packet to find these drop-dead gorgeous dangly little earrings, made with stone and sterling silver:

Won’t they be perfect for spring? I can think of about 15 outfits I can’t wait to pair these with 🙂

But wait! There’s more!

And this is where I died again.  Isn’t that GORGEOUS?!  So simple and pretty and happy and cute!  (Oh and apparently part of my death process was forgetting to make the darned thing lay straight.  The beads are all the same rectangular shape but they’re rather tight on the cord for now.  Mom says the cord will stretch a bit eventually, and then they’ll lay straight naturally.)

I’m going to be the prettiest little asshole this side of the nuthouse.


And then there was the third package…

Thanks for the warning, Mom.

After I put on a Depends and laid an old towel down on the couch, I proceeded…

Gah!  There I go again!  Death.

A couple months ago I’d emailed Mom and said, “I’d really like to have a necklace that would work with both black and brown and look good with either.  And maybe copper too?” and then she sends me this…

Which is so unbelievably perfect and gorgeous, that I almost can’t believe it.

LOVE the toggle, too:

Doesn’t it look like an instant heirloom?  So beautiful.

But of course that wasn’t it…

Mom threw in matching earrings, too.

I LOVE these beads.  They’re everything that’s right with the world.

I’m astounded and thrilled, as always.  THANK YOU, MOM.

Any readers who want to feel like me (only…um…I think you’ll have to pay for the jewelry), go check out Mom and Peggy’s Etsy shop.  They both have very unique styles – Mom tends to play with wire and texture; Peggy has a great eye for color and unusual stones.

Now, imagine what Mom might send if I weren’t just her third-most-favorite daughter!

PS>I think I’m taking my Nikon into the shop today – it seems to be having trouble autofocusing.  Though the jewelry-splayed-on-my-couch’s-throw-pillow setup?  That’s all my fault 😛

7 responses to “SQUEE!

  1. Thank you! ::blushing::
    Thinking about moving you up to second most favorite daughter, but hate to move the cat down. You know how she is.

  2. I want that blue necklace!!

  3. Mandi (Mandadawn)

    I love what you got in the mail today! Such awesome spoils!

    At first I was jealous because I don’t get mail like that from my mom, but then I remembered I haven’t moved out yet. LOL. Oh, well.

    I still need to visit your mom’s Etsy shop (for a purchase, not that I haven’t been looking) — maybe when I get my tax refund. 🙂

  4. You should ask your mom if people allergic to nickel and other such metals can wear her jewelry…… DO IT

  5. Haha, love the “prepare to wet your pants” note, moms are fun. Off to get my spindle and fiber today, wish me luck with ANOTHER fiber obsession!

  6. Yay for fun packages! I love that fiber.

  7. Want to trade moms?

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