Frunday Favorites – 3/21/10

Frunday = “when you meant for it to be Friday but then next thing you know it’s Sunday.”

This is just a plain ol’ good post to have around.

So true.

I bet they’re incredibly soft.  But also maybe kinda stinky.

Good duvet cover tutorial, assuming I ever have a duvet worth covering.

Lost LOL.

Drop-dead-gorgeous artwork.

Just an excuse to share – I love Stardust!

This is my new most favorite photo ever.  EVER.

The difference will blow your mind.

On the menu for this week.

I think I’ve linked Waking Up in Bavaria before, but I can’t help giving ’em some more love – this home is so gorgeous and authentic and cozy.

Jeff and I have a new favorite, and this is it. (be sure to watch the whole thing!)

Gay and lesbian characters on kids TV.  Not sure I agree with all of it – esp. Mary Poppins (unless she and Bert had a Hepburn/Tracy thing going on?), but it’s still cool anyway :-).

.  Hard.

Super helpful tutorial for a novice spinner such as myself.

Another D*S item – these are achingly amazing.


2 responses to “Frunday Favorites – 3/21/10

  1. Okay, put me down for two baby goats and a visit to Grandmother’s mountain cottage. I have seriously always wanted some of those little goats, but Mr. Cranky Pants has always said no. I don’t get it. I can be packed for the mountains tonight. Call me with our EDT, ‘k?

  2. Oh, the trinkets, the step treads, the gnome, the bandage on granny’s finger and her apron….I wonder if she’ll make us some rolled oats in the morning and then play Aggravation until I leave for school…oh wait, that was MY grandma…sorry, I slipped back in time for a bit…

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