One is the Loneliest Number

Except maybe Zero, because it doesn’t even have itself.  Thus, does it even exist?

But if it doesn’t exist, then it can’t *know* that it’s the loneliest number, can it?  Is existence a prerequisite for loneliness?

What I’m getting at (yes, I have a point here) is that Jeff is going away this summer.

For those of you who aren’t savvy on the whole “law school” thing (which I guess is everybody except Abbie and Amy?), each summer during law school, you (try to) find a law-related internship.  For most students, the 1L summer (summer between first and second years of school) is sort of a crap shoot – you take what you can get, even if that’s just clerical work for an ambulance chaser.  For the 2L summer, though (summer between second and third years), you try hard to find an internship with a firm/organization who you might actually want to work for after graduation – a lot of students go into their 3L years already knowing where they’ll work.

Since Jeff is a 1L, he “should” have had to find one of those crapshoot internships.  However, he’s also at the top of his class at a top-tier school (why yes, I am bragging!).  So he was able – during this 1L summer – to seek out an internship that’s usually only attainable for 2L students.

I mean, look at him!

(What a serious – earnest – trustworthy – intrigued – expression.  Very lawyer-y, don’t you think?)

So he interviewed with two of the Big Important Firms here in St. Louis (St. Louisians, you may have an idea which ones I’m alluding to), but since he really isn’t interested in corporate law he passed on those opportunities and didn’t take a second interview (which yes, it’s really bizarre.  Most people would sell their dogs for that kind of internship. But not Jeff.).  He also applied with many nonprofits and environmental organizations all over the country, from one in Washington state to a couple in DC.  In the end, though, he ended up finding a great internship here in Missouri, down in Jefferson City.  It’s pretty fantastic, actually – he’ll be getting great experience in the specialty he’s interested in, he’ll be making connections and hopefully gaining some great references, and he’ll be sorta close to home.

This is all really awesome for him – I’m so proud! – but there are some practical and logistical things to work out.  We’re going to Columbia this weekend so he can check out a couple apartments to potentially sublet, and I’ll have to figure out how to survive at home without him lounging in bed every morning and hanging around every evening.  He’ll be coming home on the weekends, so that’ll be good for us both.  But what will I do from Sunday – Thursday nights?  This isn’t our first time doing long-distance, but that doesn’t make it any more fun.

We’ve worked out a few things – he just bought me a new laptop with a webcam, so I can bug him in the evenings by waving cats at his face.  I’m going to get an iHome to keep the house full of music.  And it’ll be summertime, so I can take Roxerboxer for long walks in the evenings.

For Jeff’s part, each week I plan on sending him back with a full week’s worth of lunches and dinners (otherwise he’ll be having Wendy’s, Quiznos, and Taco Bell for every meal), and I’ll keep taking care of his laundry.  He’s still going to take care of all our finances and stuff (::huge sigh of relief::), and he’ll do 100% of the dogpotty duty when he’s home 😀

But even though it’s a worthwhile cause, we’re not looking forward to the distance.  We’re both glad that he’s doing this now, rather than later.  And hopefully by sacrificing a little bit for now, he’ll be able to get an even better internship for his 2L summer and job after graduation, and then the sacrifice will have been all worthwhile.

Somehow, I guess we’ll survive ’till the end of July.  At which point I will hug him and latch onto him and refuse to let go.  Ever.  EVER.

I miss him already.*

Has anyone else ever had to do long-distance?  Got any survival tips?

*Until he leaves again next summer – only then it’ll be probably even farther away.

12 responses to “One is the Loneliest Number

  1. Whenever i think of Law interns I can’t help but think of Grisham novels. It probably has something to do with reading two of them last week… So I hope he doesn’t get blackmailed and recruited into the mob! (haha…i know these are fictional books but they’re always the “top law students at top law schools” who get “recruited”) Anyway… I’m sorry you have to be away! 😦 😦 😦 My husband has only been gone for a total of about a month – about 2 months after we got married and i wasn’t yet completely used to having him with me constantly. I spent most of my time at a friend’s house to stay distracted (and save myself from the constant thunder storms). My point being – I don’t have any advice.

  2. distance sucks…all there is to it. but as far as surviving, a nightly phone call ritual was extremly helpful. having a webcam would have been even better 🙂 i’ve been known to tuck little notes around the house (i’m usually the one that’s somewhere else) reminding him how much i love him in places he wouldn’t expect or visit everyday but would stumble across randomly. lots of cuddling when you’re together. making sure you have something to distract you on sunday nights so you don’t focus on being apart again. my mantra whenever we’re apart is: The richest love is that which lasts through time apart to someday be together.

  3. Ugh! At least it’s for your future! Communication is key, and it sounds like you have that. It’ll be lonely, but you’ll get through it!

  4. Hey thanks for the shoutout! 🙂

    That’s exciting about his internship! Where is it (or you may not be able to say)? I am betting that I know the firms, too. And yep, I’ve been through this process many, manyyyy times. Good for Jeff for finding something he will love! 🙂

  5. Awww! That’s great about his internship but I feel for you! This summer I also will be away from the JB in the motherland and already I am dreading it X_x But you’ll make it work…and if you get lonely you always have us online buddies to keep you company ❤

  6. Before me and my husband got married, we dated for 10 years, long distance. It was tough at times, but we made it work. We made sure to speak every night before we went to bed, made sure to see each other every other weekend, and just totally appreciated every minute we spent with each other.

  7. My only advise is to start getting our doggies together for doggie play dates. We can sit and sip tea and knit, of course.

  8. Yes, the entire time we were dating of 10 years it was long distance. I still can’t believe it myself that we made it work. I was living in Nor Cal and he was living in So Cal. CRAZY!

  9. Most women have their mothers come spend time with them. I’m packing now. Just have to be back in time for the beginning of school. Fun!

  10. Nope, not my husband, but my kids have been far far away, and I’m very proud of their farsightedness. Sara’s going to Wyoming the middle of June for all summer and a day. For environmental things too. If she ever needs a good lawyer I’m glad we have one in the family.
    Honestly, what a tough/mature/amazing decision/man hemade/youmarried. follow that?

  11. And to Al’s Mom:
    I just checked out your Etsy shop and am in love with not only your jewelry, but those NAMES!!! Talk about cute.

  12. The only job Scott was able to get after he was laid off at Chrysler was as a traveling tech guy for a grocery store. He is home every weekend, but it gets rough when he is gone every week. My coping strategies is make sure I have social obligations at least twice a week, touch base frequently throughout the day (we’re not so good about this) and order medicinal pizzas when needed.

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