I snapped this photo the other night as I was cooking dinner:

It may not look like much, but I realized something interesting – how un-ironic it is.   After baking the bread I wanted to keep it warm while I cooked the rest of our dinner in the oven, so I wrapped it in a cloth – a tea towel made from some of my mom’s vintage fabric – and rested it on my cast iron skillet – the only skillet I ever use – over the warm stove.  The speckled enamel teapot in the corner (which has no exciting story behind it, alas – it’s Paula Dean, via Amazon) completes the picture, doesn’t it?

But what gets me is that this wasn’t contrived at all – it was completely automatic on my part.

That’s either kinda scary, or kinda scary-awesome.  And I’m not sure which.

PS>Does it help if I tell you I was wearing my favorite flowery apron when I took this?

PPS>This makes me hopelessly lame, doesn’t it?  It’s ok; be honest. I can take it.


3 responses to “Arrival?

  1. So did your heels match your apron?

  2. What’s so weird about that, Grandma? I really don’t get what you are saying.

  3. The tea pot makes the bread look yummier. I also like this picture.

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