Friday Favorites – 3/26/10

I love these but would never use them, so I’ll just show you instead of buying 🙂

A cool idea from the wonderful Trinknitty (and the pizza looks good, too!).

Congratulations to Michelle and family! 🙂

Another thought-provoking post from Stefanie.  What gets me, though?  It had never occurred to me *not* to be completely real with everyone.  Perhaps a wee bit more self-censoring is in order?  Sometimes?

Great pro-same sex marriage quote from an Australian conservative.


I wish I could be tiny and live in here.

Makes ya think.

PhD in Parenting makes an excellent summary of the argument for women’s rights.

The addiction spreads!  Sorry, Kate.  Wait…no I’m not.

I want to live in this house.

I’ll give you one guess which item from this collection I covet.

Note to self:  aspire to this.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I’ll be spending the time with my lovely new toy:

That’s my new Dell Inspiron 1440 and I love it more than words.  I was really due for a new one – my old laptop was a 5 year old Compaq that was $400 new; it had been rebuilt more times than Troy and half the keys didn’t work.  Jeff is a good computer-picker-outer (and I’m a good vinyl decal-picker-outer!).  He’s spent the evening getting the whole thing set up and Kate-ready (aka, idiot proof). 🙂

PS>See me spinning in the background, there?  Jeff took the picture!


5 responses to “Friday Favorites – 3/26/10

  1. Ooh, enjoy the new laptop – love the decal!

  2. I really enjoyed the “Natural Gas” vids. I want to take a shower in yarn!

  3. When you said you were spinning in the photo I had to go back for another look – I have no idea why but my first thought was you were spinning as in on an exercise bike! Why on earth did I go there?!

  4. Hey thanks for the link! Great blog you have here 🙂 Love your other links, too. Thanks!


  5. Thanks for the link to my blog! I love your banner, by the way. I am such a sucker for pealing paint!

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