Top Ten Most Terrible Sights In the History of the World Ever:

10)A drop spindle spinning backwards…and you have no idea how long it’s been doing that.

9)A teaspoon of cream of tartar left in the jar…and you need two, and it’s 11pm.

8)Your favorite wooden cooking spoon immersed in soaking water…and it’s been there all night.

7)A long newsy email from a friend or family member, which you meant to answer weeks ago and just re-discovered…and now you’re sure they hate you.

6)The empty iPod pocket in your satchel…and you’re already at the train station, no time to go home.

5)A bit of mold on your bagel…and you discover it on the last bite.

4)That split second right before the cat knocks over your full soda…and no time to intervene.

3)The Very Important Letter which you were instructed to take to work and mail *today*…and you discover it four days later.

2)A dropped stitch, way back just below the sock’s cuff (how did you not notice when dividing for the heel?)

And the top Most Terrible Sight In the History of the World Ever:

1)The tip of the dog’s tail, visible just around the corner, horizontal and stretched just inches above the ground…and you were *just* about to take her out for potty.

Number one is non-negotiable, but any other additions? šŸ™‚


2 responses to “Horrors

  1. All of these are so true. I have an additon:

    Noticing that there is a rip in your skirt that exposes your underwear. At the end of the day. And not knowing if everyone you met that day has seen your underwear.

    Ditto for noticing a tomato sauce stain right on your boob that has been there since lunch.

  2. A raw egg thrown in the middle of your carpeted kitchen floor by a two-year-old doing a “science experiment.’

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