New Adventure

It must be the warm weather (which I don’t even LIKE! Jeez!) but something has gotten into me.  Like most people ‘come this time of year, all I want to do is be outsiiiideeeee!!!!  (with my oil free spf 70, that is…)  So it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that on Tuesday night I found myself the owner of a new vintage (not an oxymoron) bicycle:

(that’s Jeff’s behind her, there)

I’d been scouting out Craigslist for a few days, and had assembled a short list of contenders.  I then emailed Jeff’s awesome bicycle expert cousin*, soliciting her opinions and advice (I love having an expert in the family!) and she steered me toward one in particular.

So that’s how Jeff and I found ourselves driving around at dusk on Tuesday night, searching out house numbers in a tidy little pre-war neighborhood in Affton.  And how I found myself sitting on a bicycle – gotta take it for a test drive! – for the first time in about 8 years.  And how we found ourselves chatting with Peter the awesome Swede about said bike.  And playing with his fluffball of a collie mix.  And then buying the bike.

Strange how that happens, isn’t it?

I don’t know a whole lot about my new bike, yet (am hoping Shea’s next email will have some more answers :-)) but I do know that it’s a Western Flyer:

And it’s got this on the side:

It’s in really good shape, so far as I can tell – I think everything is original, and there are only a couple small rusty spots and a ding or two in the back fender.  Tonight I’m going to take it out in the sunlight and see if I can make out its serial number; that will tell me exactly how old it is and who manufactured it.  Tune-up wise, it just needs a good wash and shine for the chrome, a little TLC on the wheels, some strategic WD-40, and a basket for the front!

I’m not going to pretend like this is some superawesome diamond-in-the-rough amazing bike; I’ve done a bit of research and learned that they were sold at Western Auto and Sears stores, back in the day.  It’s solid, though, and really cute and easy to ride, so I’m happy 🙂

I’ll be sure to post better pictures once those things are accomplished (a task I’ll hopefully start working on tonight!), but I’m already really excited :-).  I love learning new skills!

She will be sooooo pretty when I’m all done! 🙂

Now I just need to give her name!  Any suggestions?

PS>I’m also excited because this will hopefully expand my car-less radius – something I’ve really missed since leaving Kirksville.  I may even be able to ride it to the train, and leave my car at home on workdays (that’s a big maybe right now, though).

PPS>Yes, Mom.  I bought a helmet.  It’s silver.  Call Jeff if you don’t believe me.

*No, really.  Expert.  She knows more about bikes than I know about knitting.  Than Macbeth knows about being cute.  Than Ghandi knew about peace.


6 responses to “New Adventure

  1. Very cool! We have all kinds of antique bicycles in our garage, my husbands loves to work on them, and buy/sell/trades them. My first was a western flyer too! They are so much fun to ride. 🙂 Enjoy!!

  2. The new bike is gorgeous! For some reason the name Trixie pops into my head, but I’m not sure why. I still haven’t figured out a name for my bike, and I’ve had it for three years.

  3. I like your bike! I’m planning to buy one too for my daughter and work on them (change some parts and maybe paint it too) but I’m still looking for the “right” one. We don’t have European and American vintage bikes here. What we have are Japanese bikes that sell between 66-88 US$.
    Have fun with your New Adventure!

  4. That looks exactly like the bike I got when I was 12, except the parts over the tires (fenders?) were painted white. The rest of it was the same color of blue as yours. Mine came from Sears and it was $36 new. It was a great day in my life when I got it. I got a wire basket for it later.

    We still have your white helmet with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stickers on it if you want me to send it to you. You can return that other one.

    (Just watch where you are going and don’t get run over, okay? You’ll put me in an early grave yet, although it is getting a bit late for that.)

  5. How about Amelia? She was a flyer too 🙂 I kinda like the name Sadie as well.

  6. I like Jo–a little bit tomboy and a little bit girl.

    Scott saw you (or someone he thinks is you) knitting on the platform yesterday, but couldn’t remember your name so, of course, didn’t say hello. He says ‘hello’!

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