Friday Favorites – 4/2/10

I *knew* that’s how they did it!

Love this bathroom so much.  The colors make me happy in my pants.  And by pants I mean heart.

Wow.  Amazing.  Love.  And also, think I’ve got homes on the mind this week?

I was JUST thinking about making graham crackers – can’t wait to give Angry Chicken’s recipe a try!

Umm…duh?  Another reason I love our inner-ring suburb 🙂

Picard Comixed o’ the week!


I’m so glad none of my grandparents are on Facebook.

I love these so much.  They make me ovulate.

The dumbing-down of “educational” TV.  I’ve been noticing this for years.

So pretty, so delicious.

Sometimes I just skim The Bloggess’s posts.  Sometimes I read the whole thing and die laughing.  This was a case of the latter.

Parents of school-aged kids:  make them read this!

Have a good weekend, everyone!  Jury’s still out on bike names; please feel free to share any ideas!

2 responses to “Friday Favorites – 4/2/10

  1. Traffic oh how I despise thee… I leave early there is none of you, I leave on time there is a lot of you, I leave late I’ve never seen so much of you before… so unpredictable, so ridiculous!

    Speaking of kids and ovulating when will you join the TTC train :)????

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