Not mine

My in-laws are still in Florida, so last Saturday morning I found myself wandering at their house, “checking on it.”  And because it’s me, “checking on it” meant mooning the neighbors, turning on all the lights, opening half of the windows, rearranging the living room and smearing chocolate on the ceiling.

Actually (as I suspect – HOPE – you’ve already figured out), it really meant “picking up sticks in the yard before the neighbor boy mows.”

But my version’s a lot more exciting, right?

Anyway, since Bob and Linda weren’t around to enjoy their daffodils, I had to make sure the little dearies felt appreciated.

I tend to get very emotional about these things.

[Warning:  YELLOW AHEAD.]

I love these things.  LOVE.

But it wasn’t always that way.

When I was a kid, I had a scratch-and-sniff board book with a bunch of little flower fairies.  I LOVED how the honeysuckle smelled, and rose was all right, but daffodil was ICKY.

So as a result, I spent the next twenty years thinking daffodils were icky.

I obviously not haz a smart.

Because daffodils?  They are LOVELY.

Truly gorgeous.


What’s your favorite springtime flower?

PS>Few more photos here, if you’re interested.


5 responses to “Not mine

  1. Daffodils are far from my FAVORITE flower (I think most flowers are far from favorite. I might like them all equally) but I’ve surely learned to appreciate them living in Michigan. They are one of the first flowers to come up so when they do it’s like “yayayayayayayay, SPRING TIME!” AND i do so love spring time in michigan – when the snow leaves.

  2. so pretty!

  3. awwww so very pretty! i am loving the flowers on my magnolia tree outside right now!!

  4. Linda, Bob and Molly

    Thanks for capturing their beauty for us!

  5. Pretty pictures! Thanks for sharing, baber. Are dahlias a spring flower? Tulips? Anyway, I like them both.

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