Better than the back of my hand

Up until I moved to St. Louis, I always – ALWAYS – had a little notebook on my person, at all times.

I could jot down ideas, thoughts, questions, inspirations, observations* whenever they occurred to me.  No big deal, no pressure.  Just a place to record stuff.

At some point – I can’t even remember when – I strayed from this habit.  It probably happened sometime in the summer of ’08, when the only time I left my house was for (few and far between) job interviews or grocery runs; for the first time in several years I didn’t carry a big “gonna be out all day” bag.

I’d forgotten all about my little notebooks, until yesterday when I was in Left Bank Books ordering a DIY Bicycle Repair book.  I noticed a display of blank notebooks strategically** located right by the register.  In an instant, I was reminded of my old habit.  I realized how much I missed it.  I realized how easy it was to pull out my credit card and add a little notebook to my tab.

Yesterday when I got home I dug out my favorite Levenger pen – the one I used from Junior year of high school all the way through college (HOW did I manage not to lose it?), and now I’m good to go.

Old habits die hard, because I filled 6 pages today on my morning commute 🙂

Do you keep a little notebook?

*Please note that I rarely – if ever – found my grocery list to be inspirational.

**by which I mean, evilly


2 responses to “Better than the back of my hand

  1. A good idea. I like having stuff to jot stuff (very specific here) down on. A cute notebook is a good idea.

  2. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog!! I actually do own a note book! It was a giveaway on a blog last year. It has my initial in cross st on the front and my grandmothers ” if you pass this on I will have to kill you” recipe for chocolate macaroons. Along with other weird and random facts written by either me or Mario.

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