It Hurts

I was driving home yesterday evening when I first saw it.  I’d left work about an hour late, catching the end of the photographer’s “golden hour” as I sat at the lone stoplight of my commute.

Right there above my left eyebrow.  And another above my right.  Tiny, quietly insignificant .  Gigantic, yelling.  Mocking me.   Laughing at me.

I could almost hear them chant in a taunting, sing-song-y voice.

“WRIN-KLE! WRIN-KLE!” they cried, clearly enjoying my misery.  Who knows how long they had sat, cozying themselves down further into my brow, making a happy little home just above the bridge of my nose?  Waiting, patiently and quietly, for the day that I’d notice their presence.

The day my world would come crashing down.

I immediately took pains to rectify the situation.  First I rubbed vigorously at the area, to see if they’d disappear.  No luck.  Then I licked my finger, and rubbed again – what worked for dirt in my childhood must work for wrinkles as an adult, right?  Alas.

I stared at them intently, drawing my gaze away only for an occasional confirmatory glance at the intersection’s red light.  I continued my experiments.  Perhaps…  yes.   Adopting an alert expression eliminated my nemesis, transforming my forehead back to its familiar smooth landscape.  I managed to make it all the way home that way – looking surprised at the next stop sign, shocked as I signaled to another car’s right-of-way, and bewildered by the time I pulled up outside my own house.  As I walked up the front steps I could feel the feigned astonishment fade from my face.  I reached up, detecting the faintest hint of those two little crevices that are now a permanent part of my facial landscape.

I’m not surprised.

But what do I have to complain about?  My sister-in-law is 32 today.  Now THAT’s old.

Happy birthday, Laura! 🙂

2 responses to “It Hurts

  1. I doubt that you get anything for Christmas from Laura either.

  2. BUT 32 year old Laura doesn’t have a single wrinkle!!! Hahaha!

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