Was carrying my camera into the living room after dinner tonight and I just thought it looked so happy and cozy, I had to share.

I’m not going to win any cleanliness/organization awards, and it’s still not really “finished’, furniture/decorations wise, but it makes me happy.

Just a nice spring evening.

I hope you’re all having a good weekend?  Whatcha been up to?

PS>There are two  blobs cats in the photos above – do you see both of them?

PPS>I took these photos over an hour ago, and they still haven’t moved.  They’re all tuckered out from their busy day of sleeping, eating, and pooping.  With occasional bouts of frantic scampering.


3 responses to “Cozy

  1. I love cozy living rooms… I hate our furniture (all donated to us when we were pour and moving in together 5 years ago May), but our priorities are not furniture right now. If I were a guest at your home I don’t know that I’d be able to resist curling up with a blanket in the corner of your sofa :). Did you get out and enjoy the beautiful weekend here in StL??

  2. WHUT? No DOG? OMG!

  3. I spot a kitty on the ottoman. Where’s the other!

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