So…Saturday afternoon.  4:00 or so.  TIRED.  Hot.  Hands covered in grease and gunk.  Allergies making me sneezy, and every time I sneezed it came out rust-colored (just trying to paint a thorough picture, here…).

But it’s all been worth it, because she was finally done!

Well, almost.

I still needed to attach all the miscellaneous fun stuff I’d acquired.

Like a rear light:

A SUPERCUTE and SUPERANNOYING (just ask Jeff!) bell:

It has the brightest, chirpiest little “ringring!” ever.  I think I had more fun picking this out than I did the bike.  It was also great watching the guys at Big Shark debate over which bell had the perfect blend of retro styling, appropriate sound, and cuteness.  The debate became rather heated, I’m not gonna lie.

And (probably improperly installed) reflectors in the spokes:

(those directions were confusing as all get-out.  It’s not my fault, I tell ya!)

Finally, a basket, of course:

(too bad Jeff won’t let me get an appropriately-sized puppy to ride *in* the basket.  ::sigh::)

And now, with no further ado, I’d like you all to meet….



I took her out for a short victory ride – just around a couple blocks in the neighborhood – and then got back to work.  We’d taken the chain off of Jeff’s bike and I cleaned it, then I cleaned all of the gears – his is a 21-speed – and we made some other minor tune-ups.*

After that, we went out for a proper celebratory ride – all around Heman Park and our neighborhood here in U City.  It was awesome 🙂

She’s never going to be in perfect condition, and she’s never going to be worth a lot of money, but I’m happy 🙂

(See that big scratch in the X? I figured it out – that was caused by a misalignment of the rear wheel, way back in the day.  The bike’s pedal would scratch with every rotation.)

Everybody say “Hi, Penny!”

It really was like Christmas morning 🙂

Now the only problem is…I want to do another! 😀

Finally, a note on her name – I really loved reading everyone’s suggestions!  It got me thinking about retro-sounding girls’ names, and then we were watching LOST and Desmond’s girlfriend Penny came onscreen, and it all clicked for me.  So Penny she is!  It’s sort of a quintessential 1960’s – 1970’s sorta name, isn’t it?  Spunky and cute and unpretentious 🙂


*Actually, I did most of that.  Because when I was done working, Jeff volunteered to go around and tighten all the nuts (I think he mumbled something about “weak woman hands and weak woman brain”).  And he then helpfully tightened the kickstand attachment till the bolt broke.  And then he helpfully went to Ace Hardware for a new one.  And I helpfully stayed home, working, covered in grime.  And helpfully told him “I TOLD YOU SO!” when he got home.

Read from the beginning:

Part I – Penny comes home

Part II – Penny gets dissected

Part III – Penny slowly comes to life

10 responses to “Achievement

  1. Looks GREAT! It’s also perfect that it’s NOT perfect. If you had repainted it and gotten all new stickers and made it look like it was just manufactured then it would be 20x as likely to get stolen.

  2. She’s LOVELY! Such a pretty color too! Good job.

  3. “Hi Penny!”
    *waves enthusiastically*

  4. Aww, pretty Penny!

  5. Saddle shoes
    & pony tails
    & happy days are here again

  6. This is knitsteel/Kirsten from Xanga. I love that bike! Where did you find it? The basket is perfect on it. I want one. sigh. envy.

  7. oops, put in the website wrong first time.

  8. Woohoo! Penny looks great!

  9. oh, and you’ll need some of those plastic cat frame glasses to wear, possibly some petal pushers….
    and if you like doing them so well, look into a possible business venture…
    Kruisers by Kate, customed designed, you’ll need a logo for the fender..

  10. Michael Sicurello

    The rust colored snot really inspired me!

    Congratulations on your beautiful bike.

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