Not trash

Usually, if someone were to hand you a big trash bag or seed bag, you’d probably think it was full of trash or seed.

UNLESS it’s my grandma (this is Grandma of cinnamon roll fame, of course) doing the handing, at which point your heart will thump in anticipation of the beauty that is surely held within.


Case in point?

Scene: Saturday morning at Grandma’s house.  We’re all sitting around in her living room, chatting.  Grandma stood up and started across the room (aided by her walker, serving only as a gesture of acquiescence to her kids and her doctors), returning from her bedroom a moment later carrying a big white trash bag, which she unceremoniously tossed onto Jeff’s lap.

This caused Jeff to look a bit confused, of course, but Mom and Dad and I knew what was up – and the “Oh, MOM” and “Oh, VEDA” and “Oh, GRANDMA”‘s began.

What was inside?

Look at Jeff’s smile – he loves it!  It’s his first quilt 🙂

This is a classic Grandma quilt – timeless, pretty, and catered exactly to her young grandson-in-law’s tastes.  As with all of her quilts, many of the fabrics are vintage, and all of them tell a story.  She specially chose the bowtie pattern for Jeff because of its simple, masculine name and design.

Blurry closeup (better pics to follow!):

She’s not the type to outright say “Jeff I’m so proud of you for doing well in law school!”, but she’ll show it in other ways 🙂

That wasn’t the only quilt of the day, though.  A few minutes later Grandma ducked back into her bedroom and handed a similar trashbag to Mom.

Mom embroidered most of the squares a long time ago (I honestly don’t know what that means – 20 years? 40 years?)  – so long ago that Mom had halfway forgotten they existed 😉 – and they’d been sitting in a box in Grandma’s workroom since.  Grandma just finished the sashing and quilting.

Such a lovely surprise for Mom!

So if you’re ever at my grandma’s house, and she hands you a big ol’ trash bag, don’t take it out to the curb, unless you want to be cut from the will  😉

I love quilts.

6 responses to “Not trash

  1. Aww – I’ve come over all teary eyed…

    Those are amazing!

  2. Oh, wow! Those certainly aren’t trash. Now, I know where you got all your crafting skills.

  3. I began those quilt blocks when I was 15 and that was…so they are vintage, yes vintage! (Actually if 20 years is vintage and 50 years is considered antique, then they are sliding toward antique, but I am already there. You, my dear, are vintage. Yes, vintage Katie, and what a year it was!

  4. Wow, go grandma!! What a gift. I think Julie’s right.

  5. They are awesome quilts. I’d love to have something like that in my home. I’ll have to teach myself to quilt!

  6. Beautiful quilts!!! Do you use your quilts or are they for decoration only? If you do use them, then how the heck do you care for them?

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