Every Day

To my St. Louisianitians readers –  anyone planning on attending the Earth Day celebration in Forest Park?

I’ll be there!

You’ll recognize me because I’ll be riding this*:

And hanging out with this cute guy (assuming I can drag him away from his finals studying).

Oh, and as a reminder – I look like this:

Just in case you forgot 😉

Y’all know I’m antisocial (real antisocial.  Not “I just say I am ’cause I think it makes me look charming” antisocial),  so you’ll have to be the one to say hi to me.  Because I won’t say hi to you first, because I don’t want to bug you.  Unless you want to be bugged.  Which you probably don’t.  At least, not by me.  I’ll certainly understand.

Hope to see you on the 24th!

(for non St.Louisianitians, are you attending any Earth Day celebrations in your city?)

*Not only because it’s fun and healthy, but also to participate in this:  “The Earth Day Challenge, which encourages everyone to bring a bag for purchases, a water bottle to re-fill and use alternative transportation to get to Forest Park. Visitors who accomplish two of the three challenges will receive an eco-friendly prize at the Information Booth.”


6 responses to “Every Day

  1. I won’t be there. Can’t ride my invisible bike that far. Sorry.

  2. We might be there. Matt’s got a bachelor party in KC the night before. It will depend on how drunk he gets and how late he sleeps.

  3. Who needs to study for finals – they’re just a formality!

  4. ok, so I’ll be honest. Is Toto gonna be in that basket, trying to get back to Dorothy? I keep hearing that witch music when you put on that scarf.

  5. That bike is beautiful! And so are you! And here I go with the overboard punctuation thing. Sorry!


  6. OK so I won’t be there, but even if I was and we did happen to run into each other it wouldn’t matter because neither of us would approach the other to say ‘hi’. We’ve done this before at Star Wars and my ‘anti-social, she’s not going to remember me and then I’m going to look like a fool, oh crap’ side kicked in and I walked away from you and handsome boy. Oh well.. maybe next year :)!

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