Hopefully the latter

I wonder about the psychology behind what I just did…

An artist I respect and adore offers a new song (and a great one, at that) – absolutely free – to her fans, because she CAN.  I pay $ for said free track, because I CAN (not because I have to).

Then I go buy an awesome new album,* and pay more than the suggested price, because I CAN (not because I have to).

That’s not hypothetical (I bet you already know…), it just happened.

And I’m not telling you all just so I can brag about my awesome new music (OK well, a bit), or how fabulously wealthy I must be in order to participate in such frivolity (y’all know I’m poor), or to try and earn some sort of indie/hipster street cred (don’t want it).

It’s to make a point, actually.
(all together now:  “Oooohhhh….!”)

It’s the wave of the future, you guys.  Would I ever walk into Wal-Mart (literally) or iTunes (hypothetically) and say, “What’s that? This delightful album is $6.66?  Well that hardly seems fair!  Here is $12 instead!

Only if I were a crazy sillyperson.

But when I can more-or-less give it to the artist(s) directly?  When I can do my small part to further an industry and support peoples’ creative drive?  When I know that more than a few pennies of the fee will actually go to the artists, without whom that awesome music wouldn’t exist?  When I can make a small gesture to thank them for sharing their talents?  When it’s as easy as a couple clicks in PayPal?

You bet your sweet patootie, I’m all over that shit.


(And you should too – if you wanna).

It’s either a brilliant marketing strategy, or I just participated in something Very Good.

*which may or may not be related to singer of the aforementioned track.  I dunno. 😛

3 responses to “Hopefully the latter

  1. i’ve heard of this band!

  2. come to think of it tho. i probably heard about it from you.

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