It never rains…

No sooner did I finish my bike project and say, “Now the only problem is…I want to do another!”  than, of course, the opportunity presented itself.

Well, sort of.

For years I’ve been casually on the lookout for a vintage stepstool/chair combination, just like my grandmother’s (this is Grandmother of chocolate chip cookie fame*, not Grandma of cinnamon roll fame).  I knew she wouldn’t be getting rid of hers anytime soon – she uses it daily in her kitchen – so I’d just hoped to eventually find my own.  I’d seen modern reproductions online, but they had received mixed reviews.  And besides, isn’t the real thing always cooler anyway? 🙂

So I’d never seen one at any of my thrifting/antiqueing haunts, but a couple weeks ago Mom and Dad were out at my grandparents’ house and what do you think they saw, sitting at the curb for the Bulky Item Trash Pickup?

Turns out that Grandmother has two of the stools, a “good” kitchen one and a mucky basement one.  And now I’m the proud owner of the mucky basement one!

(When have you ever seen “proud owner” and “mucky basement” together in the same sentence before?)

This thing needs some work, that’s for sure.

Since its previous life’s role was just to bear piles of boxes and help my grandparents reach the top shelves of canned goods, it’s just a bit rough 😉  I’m going to disassemble, sand, and repaint the whole thing, and I’ll have to sort out some sort of new solution for the tread that’s worn off the steps.  But it works just fine – the hinge that moves the steps is completely intact – and its only problems are really aesthetic.

I’ve really got my work cut out for me – don’t get me wrong – but I’m also looking forward to the effort.  Won’t it look AWESOME when I’m all done? Much better than a new $50 POS from Target 😉

I love a new project!

PS>I think that it’s about time to invest in a face mask, don’t you?

*And by “fame” I mean, “Oh crap I’ve gotta blog that recipe!”


7 responses to “It never rains…

  1. Not that it should stop you, but you might want to sample a paint chip with a lead tester.

    Old quality items are always awesome.

  2. So Cool! My grandma had one of those as well – she used it as a high chair by tying us in with flour sack dish towels (which she had embroidered)

    I bet that you can get some “tread replacement” at the large home improvement warehouse – they actually sell a product in the paint aisle that should do the trick if you can’t find the right adhesives.

  3. I’m just flat jealous. My grandma had one of these too. The seat was in turquoise. This is such a great find. lucky dog.

  4. Filled with love. I went on a similar quest, 8 years ago, and our chair step stool is almost exactly the same, just switch the reds and whites around a little.

  5. Oh, lovely chair… steps… chair. That reminds me – thanks to your lovely inspiration I am going to be buying this bike and doing it up, and painting it birds egg blue.
    I can’t wait!

  6. I LOVE you. And your sense of style. I happened to be in GoodWill one day when some employee put in charge of pricing furniture hobbled out with a stepstool not much different than the one above. She obviously didn’t have a grandmother with such an awesome stool because she had it priced at $1. So I rushed over, grabbed it up and purchased it before anyone could steal it from me. It is in great need of tightening and I’ve never managed to get it tight enough to feel comfortable standing on it. But maybe you’ve inspired me. Time to get dirty and get it cleaned up more. I guess I never thought about how I CAN RE-PAINT IT! Woah. What are you using to get the paint off?

  7. I can’t wait to see how the kitchen stool turns out. I already know that it’s going to look fantastic!

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