Let’s go sit on the balcony

A couple weekends ago in KC, my mom gifted me with an awesome knitting book she’d found at the half-priced bookstore.  It’s:

I LOVE Erika Knight’s designs – they’re universally cute and charming and flattering and wonderful – so I was thrilled to receive the book!

And the patterns within?  AWESOMENESS.

So let’s go sit on the balcony (want a Diet Coke?), and I’ll show you all the pretties…

Here’s “Military Cardigan”:

It calls for Rowan Tapestry, which I think is just absolutely perfect.  Does this scream “cozyhappyweekendfun!” or what?

Is it fall yet?

Next up is “Tank Top”:

So cute!  I don’t usually go for the bulky knits, but I think this would be supercute.  Though I may have to lose about 75lb to pull it off…

Next up is “Kelly Cardigan”, in KSH:

I will wear it with the exact outfit pictured (except I’ll be smiling because DUDE! pretty cardigan!), and then my life will be perfectly happy.  Forever.

“Mademoiselle Jacket” is almost unbearably sweet:

And then there’s my absolute favorite, “Silk Shrug”:

Mom says it’s this pattern that made her grab the book for me.  Later I handed it over to Jeff and asked him to choose which pattern he thought would be my favorite, and you know he chose this one.  Then I quizzed my dad too; he chose correctly as well.  Guess I have a “type”? 😛  But it’s so preeeeeeeeeetty!  I need to make this, like, now.  And I think I may make it grey or brownish grey, like the one pictured.  (too bad the called-for Jaeger silk DK is discontinued)

Only thing is, I’m gonna have to go buy some yarn – I’m thinking a silk/wool blend, aren’t you?  ::snaps fingers:: Shucks!  Y’all know I hate going to the LYS 😛

Thanks for hanging out with me today.  Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you some other lovely books I just got 🙂

3 responses to “Let’s go sit on the balcony

  1. Oh! I have that book, too! Now I want to go knit something from it…darn end of semester…

  2. Why not knit something for your wonderful mom?

  3. I love the shrug too! Happy knitting. I’m going to start figuring out how to make the little stuffed animals using crochet.

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