Friday Favorites – 4/30/10

I love you, Bill Maher.

OK, so I just made (my own version of) lasagna earlier this week.  Does that mean I can’t make it next week?

Mmmmm yogurt!

And also, mmmmmmm quark cherry pie!

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.  .

Fascinating.  Educational.   Awesome. (Watch the whole thing!)

Ohmygawd.  Just…ohmygawd.  ::gasp::

This light fixture is perfect.  And also, I am SO ready to own a home so I can do stuff to it!

Doesn’t sound that far-fetched to me!

Bikelust, found here.

I need one of these hanging in my kitchen!


I’ve gotta try this – homemade deodorant that really works?  Sign me up!

Fail? Hardly! I bought a votive scented like this at Maple Leaf last year; it smells like bananas and hazelnuts.  Methinks the submitter missed the joke…


And now…you go!  Shoo!  Scat! Get out of my brain!


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