What I would *like* to accomplish this weekend:

  • Start work on my kitchen stool
  • Garden-y stuff, including a relatively major rearrange/re-imagining, and some new additions
  • Bike ride
  • Fro-Yo (yo)
  • Clean the bedroom
  • Photograph a couple things for future blog posts
  • Finish at least one (small) current knitting project
  • Bake bread
  • Write several blog posts for next week
  • Clean bathroom, top-to-bottom

HOWEVER, I have the following obstacles in my path:

  • Six seasons of The Simpsons
  • A much more interesting knitting project
  • The whole Internet
  • MicroFest St. Louis

How much of my list do you think I’ll accomplish?  Be honest.  Be realistic.  I can take it.


2 responses to “TBD

  1. One. And that would be baking bread. I know you. However, regarding the four obstacles in your path, I think they will all claim your attention. Hey, the Internet might disappear tonight, right? And how often does MicroFest roll around? The newest knitting project is always the most interesting; you know that. So what if you’ve seen every episode of the Simpsons ninety elebenty times. You might have missed SOMETHING.

    Let us know how this works out for you. I know I’m right. You know I am right as well. Admit it.

  2. I could have written this post. 😦 Substitute a few things and it’s deadly accurate.

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