Not for Carnivores

The weekly garden updates will stop soon, I promise.  But now is not soon.  Now is now.

And now is another garden update.

On Saturday I made a trellis…

…out of $12 of bamboo from my LGS (Get it? Like LYS?) and some jute twine.

Then I planted these:

(which will hopefully grow up and become these).  They were given to me by another co-worker, who apparently gets tons of the seed pods every year.  Everybody in our office got some 🙂

Proof I’m no longer afraid to get my hands dirty:

As long as there are no worms, that is.  And if any worms managed to crawl up the drainspout and onto our balcony and into one of my pots, well then they’ve worked so hard I guess they can stay.

I also did some rearranging of my existing plants, and added a few more.

Remember my poor growth-stunted lettuces?

I moved them into bigger pots, with a richer mix potting soil.  Hopefully this will help them grow (though I’m not optimistic).

I also took my big shallow container that held four of my pepper plants, and rearranged a bit:

Now it’s got three, and the fourth is living on his own:

He’s my biggest, healthiest one…for now.  He lost a leaf in the transition – can plants get stressed?

I also got a cage for my tomato:

I know it doesn’t really need it yet, but with any luck it will someday! 🙂  He’s getting so big!

Oh and also? My pride and joy:

They’re getting so big! I can’t wait ’till I can eat them!  With poppyseed dressing, and feta cheese, and pecans.  Mmmm….

I also planted a few herbs:

That’s (iirc) rosemary on the left, and oregano on the right.  Well, for now they’re just tins of dirt.  You’ll have to take my word for it.  I also need to plant some parsley!  I’d love to get enough herbs that I can dry them for the fall 🙂

All together now!

So pretty and happy and tidy and nice!

Now if only we could stop raining and get some sun.  ::sigh::

So…how’s your garden doing?  Or if you don’t have a garden…how’s your houseplant doing?  Or if you don’t have houseplants…how’s that moldy heel of bread in the back of the cabinet doing?


KITSCHY GUARD GNOME!!!!  He’s doing a piss-poor job keeping watch on my basil, I tell you waht.

Who knew you could buy pure happiness for $1.77 at Lowe’s?


5 responses to “Not for Carnivores

  1. You DID make the trellis! And out of earth friendly bamboo! I wish my lettuces were that big! However, it’s been too cold for anything recently anyway in this part of the US!

  2. One more concrete yard/balcony ornament and you are firmly in the same category as our former neighbors in the old country (by that I mean neighborhood), and you know how I feel about that.

    At first glance, I thought you were going for an upside-down Space Needle look there on the balcony. So relieved to find it’s a tomato cage.

    I can’t belief you made a trellis! It looks great!

    Yes, plants can get stressed. Just call me Petunia.

    Your mom too

  3. Everything looks awesome! Why are you going to stop updating us about the garden every week???

  4. Must get to Lowe’s. This tickles me endlessly.

  5. Be careful moving those plants too much. Too much stress and they’ll never grow. Sometimes they just need to adjust.

    All my plants are splendid. I can’t believe how big everything is already!

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