Hugs across the Internet

Let me tell y’all about Kate.

Kate is awesome.  Kate has two *gorgeous* kids and a bunch of awesome cattle, and some mad crafting skillz.  I found her blog a couple years back, when I was randomly trawling Ravelry for permutations of my own name (what?).  And now we’re blogfriends and I like to leave really annoying, silly comments on her posts.  And buy aprons from her.  And in exchange for my annoyingness and silliness and apron-buyingness, she is nice to me.  I have no idea why.

So a couple months ago (that long already?) just before baby Gus was born, Kate had a name-guessing contest.  I didn’t guess correctly, but my guess was kinda sorta close.  So Kate decided to send me a prize. (her kindness knows no bounds)*

Have I mentioned that Kate is awesome?

This is my favorite part – Rylie’s awesome artwork:

This is also my favorite part – a PERFECT little produce bag:

Cuteness!  I will use it all the time at the farmer’s market, and it will make me happy every time, and my life will be complete.  (LOVE the pattern, by the way! Is it written up anywhere?)

But then here’s my most favoritest part of all:

SQUEE!!!  How awesome is that?

Love all the details:

And even her tag:

Love that inner pocket!

This thing will be perfect for hauling larger knitting projects, as a catchall when I go garage sale-ing, or whatever.  Too awesome 🙂

Thank you, Kate, for the awesome prize!  And for putting up with my annoying comments 🙂

*I first typed that as “her knitness”.  AWESOME.  Can I be referred to as “Her Knitness” from this point forward? Please?


3 responses to “Hugs across the Internet

  1. I like both of those! May I have them? A certain holiday is on the way, you know.

  2. I’m going to need to see the produce in the bag please.
    Some people have the cutest ideas…..
    I wonder if the purse is made from an old pair of pants….go to yard sales, buy em for a dollar and spend an hour or so in the dark room, er, with the sewing machine, and you’ve got mail. (for Kate, lol)

  3. Ha! Your comments are NOT annoying. And you won the contest fair and square… I said name or letter… and you were the only one to go with G!

    Kathy- you are exactly right. Parts of the purse lived a previous life as corduroy pants.

    The produce bag is super easy… maybe I should write it up? You’ll laugh it’s so easy.

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