Friday Favorites – 5/7/10

Congratulations – you’ve just won an EXTRA SATURDAY!  That’s right, today is actually Friday.  Which means tomorrow is Saturday, which means the day after that is Sunday.  Enjoy!*


I’m filing this one under “fun stuff to do with Hooplings” but it should really go under “don’t even pretend; you’re gonna do this next week.”

Why are there so few shawls out there without scalloped edges?  And also, what am I waiting for? (Must start this NOW!)  And also also, isn’t Carole awesome?

Whatever, red velvet pancakes sound delicious – and I think they could easily be (semi-) healthified.  Or at least, notallthatbadforyou-ified.

::groan::.  teeheehee

I need to send this around to all the architects in my office 😀

Does Yogi look similar to anyone else you know?

I’ll just tell you now – I will never ever make these cookies, because I know how dangerous it would be.  But if YOU want to make some and send me a just a couple, let me know 😀

If Jeff and I ever renew our wedding vows (assuming he’d even agree to, that is :-P) I want it to look exactly like this.

So obvious.  So simple.  So ingenious.  (Though a hat works just as well, right Dad? 😀)

Great explanation of all the variations on bicycle frames.  All I know is, I love having a step-through, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mmmm…ok that settles it.  I’ve gotta bake SOMETHING tomorrow.

Great summary of the “adopt a puppy” vs “adopt an adult dog” debate.  My only further advice:  don’t adopt a batshit insane teenage dog 😛

I had a pen bracelet!  It came in a little goody bag when they had a family event at my dad’s old job in like 1992.  I loved it even though the darned thing never really wrote well.  It’s probably still floating around my room at my parents’ house, come to think of it…

Homemade crescent rolls!  I’ll have to surprise Jeff with these soon 🙂 (He won’t know; he doesn’t read these FF posts anyway :-P)

I think I have a new hobby

I do this all the time.  So does that mean I’m always on vacation?

CUTENESS!  Gah.  This is doing nothing to quell my “WANT A HOOPLING NAO” urges.

*Offer not valid outside Kate is not responsible for any missed work, forgotten Mother’s Day obligations, or unexpected work absences which may result from the Reader’s lack of ability to appreciate facetious humor.


3 responses to “Friday Favorites – 5/7/10

  1. You don’t remember making GAK? What’s wrong with you? You are too young to be senile. I wasted a lot of time giving you a quality childhood, I can tell.

    If you think your dad using his hat was improv., ask him about the time he took off his jeans, tied knots in the end of the pant legs and made half a blueberry scarecrow! Or don’t ask him. It’ll save me from having to talk fast.

    I will mail your pen bracelet to you on Monday.

    Tomorrow is (ahem), cough, cough, you know.


  2. If you renew your vows, I will come and play “like a bridge over troubled waters” on a violin for you.
    (you know I don’t play the violin don’t you?)

  3. Considering that your mother thinks I perpetually have my head up my ass, I am surprised she would eat the raspberries that I picked into my hat.

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