Re: A messy kitchen

Partial transcript from a Jeffchat this afternoon.  It follows a typical course, wherein I nag him about a lapsed household task, and he apologizes and promises to make things right.


me: i try to tell you over and over
i HATE HATE HATE a messy kitchen
there’s no reason for it
yet time and time again, our kitchen is messy
because you don’t keep it up

Jeffrey: yes i know. i’ve just been a little busy lately

me: and that’s REALLY FURSTRAING* to me

Jeffrey: anyway
it will be clean

me: duh
obviously thats a straing of furs

Jeffrey: awesome


(PPS>Also, in my defense, dishes are one of three chores Jeff has – the other two being taking out the trash, and paying bills.  So it’s not like I just sit on my duff whining – I take care of all the cooking, cleaning, and laundry ;-))

*Was, of course, supposed to be “FRUSTRATING”  But you knew that.  I hope.


3 responses to “Re: A messy kitchen

  1. my husband’s chores include Dishes and… super awesome handy man. But mostly he doesn’t do the dishes. He does always clean the shower and take out the trash unless i do before him. And he’s a mighty good handy man. That’s all I have to say.

  2. Leave him alone. Use paper plates. He’s doing some very important work right now, preparing for a career so he can keep you in cute aprons and chicken feed and the Hooplings in shoes. Don’t mess with Jeff.

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