Remember I told y’all about St. Louis’s Earth Day celebration a few weekends ago?

Guess what I got there?

No, not a pet alpaca.

No, not a patchouli-scented macrame potholder.

No, not a solar-powered teakettle*.

Quit guessing, already!  Those are all horrible ideas.  I’ll just tell you.  Jeez.

I got…

(This is you, right now:  Shock! Awe!)

Y’all already know that I LOVE handmade, natural soaps – and it seems like I’m physically incapable of passing a soap booth without buying any.

But this stuff?  This?  Is EXTRA amazing.  These little bars smell so good, and are so pretty and wonderful and yes – effective – that I’m pretty sure I’ve fallen in love.  That “Prairie Sage” is especially fantastic – it smells like home to me.  Even though I cannot at any point ever recall my home, my parents’ home, or anybody else’s home ever smelling like it.  But still.  Smells like home.

I told this to Soapmaker Amy, and she nodded and smiled.  And then I knew that either:

1)We’re kindred spirits


2)She thinks I’m batshit crazy

Probably the latter.

Greenthoughts Garden soaps are available here.

If you buy any, though (and you totally should!), just resist the urge to eat them.  Learn from my mistakes…

*Oooh do you think they make those?!


One response to “Mmmm…thoapy.

  1. I may or may not have just ordered four bars of soap, including the pet bar. I’m very tempted to try the shampoo bar. Have you ever used something like that.
    Also, I saw this skirt and it made me think of you. I’m probably not even close to your style but for some reason it said Kate.

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