Yesterday and Today

Yesterday I picked up my camera from the shop – good as new!

I’ve not yet taken hardly any pictures, and have no idea what’s stopping me.

Yesterday I went to Target and bought a skirt and it’s lovely and twirly and fun and I’ve gotta get over to Two Closets and blog about it!

I’m not wearing it today, because I’m saving it for Jeffday tomorrow.

Yesterday I checked the weather and saw it was supposed to rain all day today, so I set my alarm just a bit later and drove to the train instead of biking.

I did drive today, and it was raining, but I still missed biking.

Yesterday I threw away the last bit of a delicious mango cobbler because it had gone bad before I – solo – could manage to eat the whole thing.

I wish, today, that I’d stored it in the fridge instead of letting it spoil.

Yesterday I drank three cups of tea and two glasses of water.

I’ve already had two Diet Cokes today – one for breakfast.

Yesterday I was going to walk the dog, but then I didn’t get home from my errands ’till nearly 8:00 and it was threatening rain.

I’ll take her on a nice long one tonight to make up for it.

Yesterday I missed Jeff a bunch.

I will today, too.

And tomorrow I’ll see him.

Lovely readers, how’s your day going?  Is today better than yesterday?


3 responses to “Yesterday and Today

  1. Yesterday I put on a pretty black dress and couldn’t talk as my voice was gone.

    Today I decided to wear the same pretty black dress (hey, it’s comfortable!) and Today I can talk!

    I am happy for you to get to see Jeff tomorrow! Will he notice the pretty skirt? Or that you waited to wear it specially for him?

  2. So this post should REALLY be called Yesterday, Today, and TOMORROW!

  3. Yeah, today is better than yesterday. My life just keeps getting better and better. By May 29, it will be perfect, sort of. Well, until August.

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