Friday Favorites – 5/21/10

Holy crap this is the funniest thing EVER!!!!

It may be my mission for the summer to watch all of these documentaries.  Anybody wanna join me?

A rare quarter perhaps?

If you’ve never read Cake Wrecks and want to get thoroughly sucked in, start here.

My thoughts exactly.  Only mine aren’t this well-stated.

Recipe o’ the week?  Yes I think it is.

Great comments and inspiration over here, on Bikes for the Rest of Us.

Delphiniums (delphinia?) are my new favorite.

I shall follow this guide to the letter.

Nice post on South City from Bridgett 🙂

I wish they made these in grownup sizes.

Who wants to go camping?

So captivating.

Great post from Tama.

I want to print this amazing list into fliers and distribute amongst the masses.

I made this.  You should too.  It was good.  You’ll like it.

How to cure a picky eater.  Too bad it doesn’t work on husbands.

Holy crap I love funny people making fun of crap.


LOVE this baby blanket!  So pretty 🙂

I’ve watched this at least six times and still can’t get enough.  Mesmerizing!

I was here!  This afternoon!  I’ll tell y’all about it later.

Wonderful bike-related quote.

How ’bout this:  Hey older generations! Cities are safe! 😀

Yes, yes I would.

Never thought I’d say this, but Laura Bush is pretty cool 🙂


2 responses to “Friday Favorites – 5/21/10

  1. Aww, I got a shout-out. <3!

  2. cake wrecks usually has me almost peeing myself.

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