Not an Architect

We had a visitor at work on Friday.

He was quieter than most other office visitors – didn’t say a word the whole time.  He offered no professional expertise or skill, but great moral support.  He paced a bit, and drank lots of water, and looked at us all adoringly.

Meet Toby.

Toby belongs to one of our project managers, and he (the dog, not the project manager) is just about the cutest, lovingest, nicest guy I’ve ever met.

No offense to Jeff.

And what a great smile, too!

I tried to take him home with me, but his dad wouldn’t let me.

Then I threatened to withhold his next paycheck, unless he brings Toby in again, and soon.

He did agree to that.

Next time, I’m gonna put the Tobester.  Think he can answer phones?


You may not know this, but office dogs are actually pretty common at architectural firms.  (don’t know if it’s the same at engineering or interiors places :-P).  It was great having Toby there; I always feel so much calmer and happier when there’s a dog around, like it makes those 9 hours of my day that much more bearable.  Plus the whole phone-answering potential.

3 responses to “Not an Architect

  1. I love Toby! He is so cute. I think he needs to become part of the staff. **Will work for kibble**

  2. I didn’t know that dogs in the office were that common in Architecture Firms. hmm… I know that pillows are common in architecture studios in school….

    I also don’t think i realized that you work at an architecture firm. Has your office had to lay people off? My husband’s office just ran out of work to do.

  3. You should see the animal parade at the nursing home!!! Lots of dogs, a baby pygmy (sp??) goat, and of course, Boots used to make a nightly appearance until his grandpa died. Can you guess that he was a black cat with white boots?? Sweetest kitty ever to be in public like he was. His owner would bring him in to visit her dad, and he’d always eat part of Carl’s supper on his bed, and when he was out of food, he’d jump on his roommate’s bed to see if he was willing to ‘share’..everyone loved him.

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