Be on the Lookout

Now, I do not wish to alarm you.  So I shall state this calmly, but with a hint of urgency in my tone:

There has been knitting in these parts.

Lots of knitting.  Portable.  Cotton.  Garter stitch.

Simple.  Addicting.

I’ve noticed that just once a year, a transformation occurs.  What was once a neat arrangement of perfectly serviceable dishcloths…

Mysteriously mutates into a hideous pile of stained and holey rags:

No idea how this happens.   One of the great mysteries of the universe, I guess.

So what do I do about it? (aside from calling Neil DeGrasse Tyson to see if he can explain it, that is)

I do the only thing I know how…


Naaw, just kidding.  But you knew that.  You has a smart.

Betcha saw that coming a mile away.

But wait!  There’s more!

Last time I asked Grandma if she was using the dishcloths I’d knitted her, she said “oh they’re too pretty to wash dishes! I use them for doilies.”

If that’s how it’s gonna be, Grandma, then I will make you some ugly dishcloths.

Now USE ‘EM!

(Anybody wanna take bets on if she will ?)


6 responses to “Be on the Lookout

  1. Oh, they all look amazing–all together there! I would have a hard time using them myself. They are just too dern pretty.

  2. HA! OK, first of all, I’m betting those are actually NOT ugly. But Grandma might use just one of them, to make you THINK she’s using all of them. Grandmas can be tricky like that.

  3. OOH! Matching Doilies!

    IMHO dishcloth knitting is the best stress knitting there is, patterns are usually easy to remember, they go quickly, if you screw up a bit tinking back is easy, or if you screw up you can pretend you didn’t.

  4. You may need to randomly splash them with bleach and mush blueberries on them too. Grey is kind of a pretty color. 😀 Maybe if you keep giving her more and more every year then she’ll get the idea that it’s okay for them to turn holey and be used?

    Your are so pretty. 🙂 Which reminds me that i need to make myself a sun hat.

  5. I know I’ve asked before but I’m gonna say it again… I want dishcloths :)!! I mean c’mon now…I just celebrated my wedding anniversary, I just found out I’m pregnant, my birthday is in July and then there’s all those holidays in between and then I’ll have a baby… so many occasions for a dish cloth gift… just sayin :)!! Love ya!

  6. I am actually more surprised that last year’s cloths look so good. How did you keep the color in them? I washed some newly knitted *ahem*, I mean purchased, cloths and they lost half their color immediately. 2 washes later and they are faded to almost nothing. You must not be washing them on hot?

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