StL RenFest 2010

Last Saturday, to celebrate Jeff coming home after all (I thought maybe he wouldn’t 😛) and in honor of happiness and springtime and for the fun of watching dorks in costumes,  we went to the St. Louis Renaissance Festival.

And oh, how many dorks in costumes there were.

There were pirate furry dorks:

And paunchy Boba Fett dorks:

(no, really).

And there were dorks with horns and dorks dressed like wizards, and dorks in gowns and dorks in kilts, and dorks carrying bows and dorks pushing strollers.

Dorks eating turkey legs.

Dorks with dogs.

Dorks with ferrets.

Dorks wearing Crocs.

Dorks drinking beer.

All kinds of dorks.

Even dorks with fire whips:

(And in this case by “dork” I really mean “badass”)

And of course, there were these two dorks:

I pretended not to know this one:

But can I tell ya something?  Even more than the dorks, and even more than the joust…

…and even more than the fire whips and the shopping booths and the wooden roses…

…even more than ALL THAT, my favorite part of the day was sitting in Ye Olde Pub, drinking a tiny $4 plastic cup of mead and chatting with my handsome dork, now sans fairy hat:

He’s my favorite, you know.

DORKFEST ’10!!!!

PS>One more time, just for kicks:  I give you…BOBA FREAKING FETT:

He’s wearing Dockers.  How authentic.


Thank you so much everyone, for the anniversary wishes yesterday! And happy 2nd anniversary to Pandesaldreamer and Mr.Pandesaldreamer, too – anniversary twins! 🙂


3 responses to “StL RenFest 2010

  1. So many pictures of you two to choose from for your holiday cards, either together or individually. I almost think that Jeff in the fairy hat needs to be on the cover of some sort of card. Then, when the card is opened, there would be a picture of the most elegant dork of them all, you, Katie! Nice contrast in that card. Don’t count on selling them.

  2. Let me know if you need any more princess or faerie items. I make them in my “spare time.” For the Renaissance Festival. (I did not, however, make the fetching one that Jeff is sporting.)

    Happy (late) anniversary!

  3. I haven’t been to the Renaissance Festival in soooo long. It looks like you dorks had lots of fun!

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