Friday Favorites – 6/4/10

Indeed they are, good sir.

Well duh, everybody knows that!

I like the Bloggess funny, and I like the Bloggess serious.

A must-read.

I’m gonna make one of these on Monday.  Or, at least I’ll try.  We shall see.

Mmm…good recipe for if any of my pepper plants bear fruit! (err…bear veggies, that is)

I had one, and it was my favorite.

Eradicating pervasive anti-intellectualism?  Git ‘er done!

The Bechdel Test – fascinating, scary, sad, and eye-opening.  Love it.

::drool:: – bookshelf porn!

Ingenius!  I love the use of belts as rack straps, especially (that’s only as dirty as you wanna make it, m’dears).

Can’t wait to try these stuffed portabello mushrooms!  This will be a good one for a Jeff-free evening (he’s anti-mushroom) 🙂

I couldn’t agree more.

Holy crap I love Steve Martin.


3 responses to “Friday Favorites – 6/4/10

  1. Jarod and I saw the personal letter from Steve Martin this week and loved it, too!

    I don’t know if I should admit this, but I had a huge crush on him in Shopgirl.

  2. I love Steve Martin, but I don’t think he knows it.

  3. 2frugalfoodies

    Hey! Thanks for posting a link to our blog! I’ve searched around yours and will definitely be back to read more. Have a great day!

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