Quick note for y’all – After nearly three years of having this darn blog, I’m finally feeling brave enough to take comments off moderation – so now your comment should appear immediately after submitting.

If it doesn’t, that’s probably because you talked too much about Viagra or Cialis or penis enlargement or one of our other myriad charming topics of discussion, and got caught in the Spam filter. I’ll just have to manually move it over, which will hopefully happen reasonably quickly.

This should also make it easier for me to email personal replies, ’cause we all know I don’t already pester you enough just by posting here!

Thank you all, also, for continuing to read my blog and share in my rants and adventures and experiments! I appreciate each and every one of you, and if I lived closer I’d sooo be bringing you a plate of lemon bars or snickerdoodles or maybe Grandma’s cinnamon rolls.


4 responses to “Modifications

  1. You could send them overnight courier service. Think.

  2. Great! Does that mean I can spam you now? lol

  3. Some of live close enough for the above mentioned deliveries… just sayin ;)!

  4. ok, so I didn’t really believe that you’ve had this blog 3 years so I went to the archives to see, and you were right. **shucks*** AAAAAAAAAnd as a bonus, I have to tell you that said doubtedness led me to find out that the quality of your pictures back then was~~ not so good, and that you’ve really, I mean really improved as a photographer. **take a bow** I’m applauding.

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