The way it turns out

Thursday night at the Shakespeare Festival, I was merrily knitting along on a sporty, low little sock for myself (by default), when I suddenly became aware that the sock wasn’t for me.

Nope, it’s for Jeff’s cousin, Katie G.

Lucky her 🙂

After a quick interlude in which she measured her foot’s length with my folding ruler* (what, don’t you carry a folding ruler at all times?), I got back to work, with the sock’s new owner in mind.

(yarn: Artyarns Ultramerino 4 in Colorway #109.  Pattern – improvised waffle stitch with a cuffed ankle and eye-of-partridge heel flap)

Sock #2 is underway now, and now that I know who they’re for, I find the knitting to pass much more quickly and enjoyably.

I’ve still gotta make a pair for myself, though.

Knitters – do you always start each project with a recipient in mind? How often does the recipient change?


*I also carry a 10-foot mini tape measure, but thought that might be a bit insulting.  Probably a good call.


2 responses to “The way it turns out

  1. What about all the other people at Shakespeare in the Park? Aren’t you making socks for them as well? I trust you did measure everyone’s feet, just in case.

  2. I think I’m kind of a selfish knitter in that almost everything I make is for myself. I tend to get grouchy when I knit for others, except kids. I love knitting toys for the kiddos.

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