Never thought it would come to this

I’ve struck a deal with the devil.

As one of the terms of purchasing an expensive-for-us bike, I’ve agreed to something truly unimaginable.

And as one of the terms of *that* agreement, I’ve been required by the devil to share it with you all, so you may hold me accountable for my actions.

Are you ready?

As of Sunday, June 6, 2010, I am on a one year yarn diet.

Between now and June 1, 2011, I may purchase *no* yarn.

Well, almost.

There are a few provisions which we’ve built in:

  1. Yarn required to knit gifts for others is OK, as long as an acceptable substitute doesn’t already live in my stash*.
  2. Yarn given to me as a gift, or for the purposes of test/sample knitting is OK.
  3. Souvenir yarn (defined as: yarn purchased while on a trip or vacation, for the purposes of exploring new shops) is OK, but must be limited to one project’s worth per shop.

Still, though.  ::gulp::

Although it’s not like I don’t have a half a closet full of the stuff:

In those bins, I’ve stored 8 shawls’ worth of laceweight, at least 10 sweaters’ worth of DK or worsted, yarn for 20+ pair of socks, and how many thousands of yards of random lovely skeins for hats or scarves or mitts?  And – ::shudder:: if worse comes to worse – there’s even that ugly skein of Red Heart down there. (I hope it doesn’t come to that).

My point is, I think that the yarn diet will run out before my stash does.

It’ll be good for me.  Hardship builds character, right?

PS>Hey, at least it’s not a fiber diet**.  Or a fabric diet.  I’ll manage…somehow.

PPS>My birthday is September 14.  See Point #2. You’re my favorite.  Did I ever tell you that? And you look lovely today!  Have you been losing weight?

*Here’s where it gets real cute – Jeff said, “I mean, I won’t make you use cotton when you need superwash wool just because it’s the same thickness.”  HE’S BEEN LISTENING TO MY YARNY BLATHERINGS!!!  But that also means…he’s been listening.  No going behind his back! 😛

**Bran flakes are boring.


20 responses to “Never thought it would come to this

  1. Wow, good for you! This is where your stash will come to your rescue.

  2. LOL. You are either a hoarder or a prepper.

    Before I scrolled down to the pictures I was seeing a big gaping loophole in rule #2 (Yarn given to me as a gift). I could just see a jonesing knitter begging at some craft fair for a fix, willing to trade away her dignity for a skein.

  3. My husband rolls his eyes every time someone asks if I want their stash of fabric. Those two tote fulls in the garage AREN’T enough, I tell you. But maybe I’d agree to not buy any that’s not for a specific purpose for the next 2 months if I could have a kitchen aid pasta attachment or an immersion blender……………

  4. So even though I’m not really terribly religious or observant, I give up yarn for Lent every year. It’s not fun, or easy (but then, that’s kind of the point of Lent, right?) but I survive. So I know you can do it! Be strong, and admit when you feel like the yarn is calling to you and we will help you resist it. Yarn’s insidious stuff, after all. It takes a village to stick to stashbusting!

  5. Wow. This is amazing dedication. I applaud you and your bikey goal. You can do it for sure! It looks like you have enough yarn to keep you entertained. I have a huge stash too. I should do this too.

    (And yes, love that your husband understands the importance of using superwash wool over cotton. lol!)

  6. A year?!? I went on a yarn diet for only 2.5 months and it was tough. It helps though – I’ve definitely dug into my stash and used up some yarn that would have just sat there for the next year. Good luck!

  7. I love you :)! I’ll need your address so I can send some yarn your way for the upcoming ‘holidays’… Flag Day, 4th of July, my birthday, the celebratory back to school holiday, your birthday, etc :)!

  8. Oh Dear God! I love my bike and all, but Oh Dear God! You just call me when you need a hook up and I’ll come up with something to test.

  9. It will be all worth it! Your new bike is so sassy, I love it and want one too!

  10. Yikes, best wishes with that diet.

  11. Hello. I just found your blog via a comment you made on the-panopticon. I love it already and am very impressed by your yarn diet plan. Also by how well your husband seems to have been listening! I think you’re well set up for success. Best of luck!

  12. Hehe. Your post made me giggle. Earlier this year I went on a yarn diet. I have a stash that’s way bigger than yours… I think it lasted all of two months. I made a small dent in it, but I guess the difference in my behaviour now is that all the yarn I buy now is knitted up, instead of being stashed. Good luck with the diet.

  13. That’s quite a stash! Good luck with your challenge. Sounds like you’ve got at least a year’s worth of knitting in there.

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