Not quite

Remember how onTuesday I talked about that yarn diet?

Well, I had to get a “last hurrah” before submitting to the misery, right?

On Saturday at Green with Indie, Rachel showed me the lovely Cecchetti she’s knitting out of her super-awesome cotton slub, and told me that I could knit one for myself from just two or three skeins of the stuff.

How could I resist?

That color is so hard to photograph!  It’s a gorgeous mild olive shade, called – logically enough – “Olive You.”

I can’t wait to cast on!

(photo from Ravelry, (c) Jamie and Travis Dixon)

Soon, my pretties.  Soon.  Just need to finish up my time-sensitive WIPs first.

PS> 5 days into the diet and I’m still alive!  Just 360 more to go!  ::pause::   ::sob::


3 responses to “Not quite

  1. I like the blue color in the picture. yum.

  2. I finished mine! Check out my ravelry page and see how nicely it washed up! I still can’t get over how much the Slub blooms in washing. It’s hanging up at Knitorious if you want to go try it on for size. The only major change I made, aside from knitting it inside out, is to shorten the sleeves. You are right about that color. There are several greens and teals that do not photograph at all. They’re like vampire colors.

    I am so pleased that I was your last hurrah. Hurrah!

  3. Ooo, that’s pretty yarn! I’m trying to work through my stash this summer, but I may be tempted by my favorite LYS having their annual sale 🙂

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