That’ll teach me

“What’s the worst she can do?” I said, leaving Roxie to roam free in the house while I switched laundry in the basement.  I’d be downstairs for three minutes, tops.

Now I have an answer.

Who wants 1lb of hopelessly tangled kitchen cotton?

Or, failing that, perhaps you’d like a dog?


5 responses to “That’ll teach me

  1. ::quick intake of air:: No, thanks!

  2. I am good at untangling things! Send me the yarn and I’ll send it back when it’s untangled.

  3. Kate–I thought you were one of the other Kates who frequent my blog, one of three. But now I realize you’ve probably been one of those for a long time! We have quite a few blogs in common on the list over there…I’m going to have to come back when I have time to read!

  4. haha. Roxie landed herself in the free dog box.

    At least it wasn’t a 5 lb bag of flour. 😀

  5. Aww, that sucks. But look at those cute puppy eyes! How can you be mad at those cute puppy eyes? 🙂

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