On my 1 1/2 mile ride home tonight, I saw no fewer than six other cyclists – more than any other day, combined.

One girl in full road bike kit pulled up next to me at the stoplight; we exchanged “Hi”s and “Nice weather!”s and then she turned right and I went straight.

I passed this guy on a stripped-down commuter number; I gave him the two-finger steeringwheel wave (well, bike approximation thereof) and a friendly nod; he looked at me like I had two heads and passed by without a word.

I saw the following items on the shoulder of the road: 1 full chicken dinner from the place down the street (looks like it fell off the roof of someone’s car), 2 scratched CDs, 1 baby squirrel, and too many empty PBR cans to count.

As I turned onto my street and rode past the same group of kids I see every day, they waved and offered their customary calls of “Hi, lady!”.  I thumbed my bike’s bell – a chirpy brrringbrrring! – and they cheered as only happy five-year-olds can.

Now I ask – would any of that have happened if I in a car?


3 responses to “Community

  1. Nothing like being in touch with your community. Thumbs up and bike bell ringing to you!

  2. So, free dinner tonight? (Chicken dinner, not the baby squirrel.)

  3. Love it! If you had rung your bell at me, I would have definitely rung back!

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