Cat wrangling is an extreme sport

Othello had a vet appointment last night for his yearly shots.

In the process of attempting to place one (1) cat with twenty (20) claws into one (1) cat carrier, I obtained the following wounds:

Left leg below the knee:

(the redness at the bottom was just from sitting on the edge of my skirt – it’s not another wound)

Left leg above the knee:

Deep puncture wound on right upper arm:

(which has now blossomed into a lovely Kennedy half-dollar sized bruise)

Right forearm:

Torn cartilage piercing:

(I also have a 3″ long scratch in my scalp, near the torn piercing)

And then when I undressed for a nice relaxing pre-bed shower, I discovered:

Scratches and puncture wound on my upper chest.  (Aren’t you glad I cropped that picture? :-P)

There’s also another puncture wound on my left shoulder that I couldn’t get a picture of.  Then this morning I discovered another wound, a nice gash along my left wrist.  No picture of it either.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering? We didn’t make it to the vet last night.

Next time we’re using one who makes house calls.

9 responses to “Cat wrangling is an extreme sport

  1. So wow! That hurts! I burrito my kitties before putting them in the carrier. You wrap a towel blanket around them like a burrito so they can’t use their legs and shove ’em in! I have a scar from trying to do some cat wranglin though!

  2. I thought Allie had prepared you for these things.

  3. Wow, makes me grateful for dogs. 🙂

  4. My black cat has not left the house in 9 years. It was a total Stephen King episode the last time I tried, and I was worried that she might have a feline MI.

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  6. Holy crap! And yet we still love our kitties. There must be some kind of power and control wheel to explain the relationship dynamics 🙂

  7. holy crap batman! Those are serious injuries! When I had a cat I did the burrito thing too. I figured it was less stressful for both of us than trying to wrangle all those claws into the carrier. In the end she’d go right in b/c she wanted to escape the burrito so badly. Hope you’re healing up!

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