Friday Favorites – 6/18/10

(it was a good week on Teh Intarwebs!)

Mmmm…bread and butter pickles, just like Grandmother’s!

Heyyyy…. I ❤ interdisciplinary studies!

I feel this way pretty much every day.

How much ya wanna bet that loom sales will go through the roof after this?

Simple.  Brilliant.

If you don’t like seeing unbearably gorgeous things, then for the love of pete don’t click here!

I am a twelve year old boy, and I find this hilarious.

I heartily agree.

Extra funny because he looks like Greyson, a kid I used to nanny for 🙂


I will read this, even though I think it will make me sad.

I promise, my mom didn’t write this postcard.


The queen keeps a list of turds? But of course!

Homemade insect repellent – so much better than the stinky storebought stuff!

Why didn’t I think of this?

My goal in life: to obtain a Millennium Falcon life raft.

Farmer’s market spinach pie? Yes please!

And after that, sun-dried tomato and artichoke lasagne.  Mmmm…

Hey! This is how I frequently feel about St. Louis – like swimming against the current.


teeheehee, part II.

Please write to NestleWon’t somebody think of the children?!

Oh how I would love to live here!

I’m not alone.

I just empathized with a stick figure.

Cherry slice! Oh yes.  I will make it.

Happy weekend, friends!


One response to “Friday Favorites – 6/18/10

  1. On the mthruf website, the bomb is the office rowing team which led to the office jousting, etc….so funny.

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